Sunday, September 18, 2011

He's Got a Fast Car

What is Drive? From the font treatment used on the poster and in the opening credits, as well as the songs on the soundtrack, you might think it was either an '80s movie or a throwback. With a star like Ryan Gosling, and a cast that also includes Albert Brooks and Bryan Cranston, you might think it would be an award-worthy, must-see movie. And with a plot that centers around a movie stunt driver who is a getaway car driver in his spare time, you might think Drive would be an exciting action film. Wrong on nearly all counts.

Drive does feature Gosling as a movie stunt driver who drives a getaway car for criminals in his spare time. One day, he meets a neighbor (Carey Mulligan) and her son, and his involvement with them, and her just-home-from-prison husband, spirals into a messy situation. Lots of potential there, especially since Gosling generally gives a cool, smoldering performance. He doesn't say much, but his look and his actions say a lot. Ultimately, though, Drive is a bit of a confusing mess. I'm not quite sure what kind of movie it's trying to be, and in the end, it left me cold. So I'm giving Drive a C+.



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