Sunday, August 27, 2006

Weekend Winners and Losers

Winner: The Office, for winning the Emmy for Best Comedy Series, and My Name Is Earl, for winning awards for writing and directing
Loser: The rest of the show. Aside from Conan's opening, it was a snooze.

Loser: Ari Gold
Winner: Jeremy Piven

Loser: The Red Sox. Still. They should just stop playing. I mean actually stop playing. It was painful last weekend, but now it's just an agonizingly slow crawl to October.
Winner: Me, because I didn't watch any of it

Winner: Saturday's weather
Loser: Sunday's weather

Winner: My eyes. I had an opthamologist appointment on Saturday and got some new glasses.
Loser: Rims. My new glasses have none.

Loser: Snakes on a Plane. Why isn't anyone seeing this movie??
Winner: Everyone who did see Snakes on a Plane. I still say I'd pay to see it again.

Winner: The weekend. It was relaxing and good.
Loser: The weekend. Too short, as always.

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