Saturday, February 03, 2007

I'm Not Lovin' It

What is happening to Coolidge Corner? I mean, I'm no fan of Mickey D's, but the news in today's Boston Globe that the McDonald's in Coolidge Corner is closing is something of a shock. (I guess I missed the story when it was in the Brookline Tab a couple weeks ago.) Apparently, the real estate that it (and the florist next door) occupied will become a Citibank location (sigh — another bank taking up residence in Coolidge Corner). Again, I'm not saying I like McDonald's, but given that the space previously occupied by Zathmary's that's been closed and unoccupied for almost a year is still without a tenant, why doesn't the bank go there? McDonald's, for all its chaininess and bad foodiness, etc., is another one of those 'Corner institutions that you just assume will always be there, like J.P. Licks or Zaftig's. In fact, one of the best memories I have of this Mickey D's (and this may be the only one) is after seeing Super Size Me at the Coolidge Corner Theater, when I had a sudden, unpredictable hunger for some Chicken McNuggets (no kidding. I thought the movie was supposed to have the opposite effect). The Coolidge Corner McDonald's was right there across the street to satisfy me. So, whether or not I ate there recently (and I don't think I have for at least a year or so), I'll be a little sad to see this Mickey D's go when it closes later this month.



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