Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Happy Summer, Y'all

Ninety-degree-plus days mean one thing to me: ice cream. And so because my walk home through Coolidge Corner means walking right by J.P. Licks, I decided to stop for dinner on the way home (at Quiznos) so I could get some ice cream as I walked down the street. One bad sandwich later, I got to J.P. Licks. Sort of. The line was so long that it stretched the full length of the store, out the door, and down Harvard Ave. past the entrance to the Coolidge Corner Clubhouse. That's a long line. But I was determined, so I got in line and worked my way to the front. Long story short, though it took me nearly a half hour to get my small cup of nonfat Chocolate Chip Cookie soft-serve — with rainbow sprinkles, of course — it was worth it. I was communing with my neighbors, sharing in the wonderful tastiness that is J.P. Licks, taking my time getting home, enjoying the scenery, and all this on the first beastly hot day of the year. Ahhhh ... I love summer.

It's nights like tonight that remind me why I love living in Coolidge Corner, and make me question yet again why I'd ever move from the area. Where else can I have this? I've looked at places in Watertown, Newton, Cleveland Circle, and Washington Square, and none of them offer this kind of neighborhood experience. I love where I live. I see no good reason not to stay here.

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