Sunday, February 17, 2008

Making an Offer They Can't Refuse. Hopefully.

Well, folks, it's with mixed emotion that I tell you I've made an offer on a condo. If you know how indecisive I can be, you know this is a very big deal. Hell, it takes me a while just to buy a pair of pants! So it's probably no surprise that I'm feeling about 75% scared/nervous/uneasy/stressed and 25% excited about the whole thing. But it's all good, and I think once it all settles in and if the offer is accepted and it all goes forward, then when I'm sitting in my new living room in early April (!!!) I'll be happy with the decision. And I don't say that simply because I came home to 110 this afternoon to hear my next door neighbor playing her violin again. But that certainly makes me happier about the prospect of moving.

So what's the deal? Well, a week ago I went to an open house and saw a place I liked. Over the course of the week, I saw it twice more. It's just over the border in Newton, right across from B.C. So yes, it's right at the beginning of the B line. But that's the biggest negative about the place. On the good side, it's a recently refurbished building, with an awesome kitchen, washer/dryer in the unit, air conditioning, enough closet space, thick walls, plenty of windows and sunlight, and extra storage. Oh yeah, and a garage parking spot. (Score!) There's a public golf course right next door, and on the opposite side, White Mountain Creamery. Thankfully, I'd also have access to a fitness center that will be finished this summer. The apartment itself was being used as the model for the building, so it's already painted and looks nice. And believe it or not, it's right in the sweet spot of what I wanted/expected to pay, or maybe even a little less. So yeah, if it all works out, I think this will be a really nice place to live.

But now I have to wait to see if my offer will be accepted or not. And if it is, then it's all going to move very quickly, and by April 1 I should be a condo owner. Woo hoo! Ugh. Stay tuned.

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