Monday, October 13, 2008

Thanks, Dan

So let me get this straight: The Red Sox win game one, Dice-K impresses (all things considered), and the series is off to a good start. Then Shaughnessy writes a column about how it's already all over and we've won the whole series, and all of a sudden we can't win, nothing's going our way, and we're down two games to one? I mean, sure, Beckett and Lester (and of course, Timlin) are surely to blame for our losses in games two and three, and the series is surely far from over, but jeez Louise ... can't CHB keep his mouth shut? Just once??? Shaughnessy jinxed us in a big way, and I am not happy to see the same ALCS scenario play out again.

Oh, and don't think I missed Buck Martinez adding salt to the wound when he announced early in the game tonight that Lester was the best pitcher in the major leagues. No sooner did he say that — right after the five-pitch top of the first — that Lester starting giving up runs and basically stinking up the joint. Thanks to you, too, Buck.



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