Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Just Like I Remembered It

After the Marta Kauffman event last night at Brandeis, I decided to swing by the office of the Justice to say hi to the staff, see what was up, and, well, loiter for a little bit. It was a Monday night, which meant the folks were working hard to wrap things up so they could put the issue to bed and head out to decompress over pancakes and whatnot at IHOP. (Or maybe that's just something we did back in the day.) To my surprise, the kids were welcoming and happy to have an alumnus in the office — a change from previous times I'd been there. (Sigh. I really called them "kids," didn't I?) It was good to look around quickly, see the issue coming together, avoid the mess the office had become, and hear some of the folks tell me how hard this semester has been (as if the Rose Art Museum story could really compare with some of the stuff that happened back in my time), and just take it all in. They even let me reminisce a little about good times we had putting out the paper in the basement of the old student center, and humored me when I volunteered to help or give advice or advise them — or whatever they'd need from an alumnus who works in the business. Who knows if they'll take me up on the offer, but no matter. It was still good to be there briefly and see that though nearly 13 years have passed since I graduated, not much had changed on the ole Justice.


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