Saturday, March 18, 2006

He's Having a Party

Altogether, Dave Chappelle's Block Party is a really great, really fun, really upbeat, really exciting movie. But I think for me, it's a movie made up of great individual moments. Like Kanye West's performance of "Jesus Walks." Or The Fugees' reunion. Or when Erykah Badu's wig nearly blows off. Or when a guy in a store apologies for cursing and Dave says it's alright, "this is a movie." Or when a Dayton, Ohio woman is packing for her trip to New York and she wonders what to wear to a rap party, saying "I should have bought a thong." There are almost too many to mention, and they all add up to something really great.

There's no hidden meaning here, no larger purpose other than a good time, and for two solid hours, that's what you get. I mean, Dave doesn't even say why he's throwing the party; he just throws it. (I'm talking about in the movie. Much has been written about it possibly being a way to give back after his huge deal with Comedy Central.) The musical performances are great, Dave's hysterical, and everyone — on- and off-screen — has a good time. The movie gets an A–.



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