Tuesday, March 14, 2006

What I Like About Her

Alright, so this posting may make me out to be a giant perv, but I can't help it: I loves me some Amanda Bynes. Her cherubic face, her smile, her girl-next-door charm, her comedic skill ... the girl's just dreamy. How appropos that she's on a TV show called What I Like About You. For me, it goes back to when she was in Vanity Fair, which remains one of my favorite issues of all time. So I was really excited to see her new film, She's the Man, tonight. Really. And it's not just because of how good she looks on the movie's poster.

I won't make too much of a big deal about the film because let's be honest, it's not Shakespeare — even if it is based on a Shakespeare play (really — Twelfth Night). Amanda's character masquerades as her brother in order to play soccer, and in the process falls for her roommate, the team captain. All the expected plot twists follow. The movie has plenty of Amanda Bynes charm, and she's fun to watch, but it's not as good a movie as What a Girl Wants was. Now there is an Amanda Bynes classic. If you see that movie and don't fall in love with the girl, well, then you just don't have a beating heart. I think it has to do largely with the fact that here, she's essentially playing a boy for much of the movie. It conceals just how attractive she is. In What a Girl Wants, she looks downright hot. (And she's 20, thank you very much.)

So ... She's the Man is fine and cute and harmless, and I was smiling from start to finish. If it's not Grade-A Amanda Bynes, then so what? I'm sure when it's on cable, I'll still watch it over and over and over again ... just like I do each and every time What a Girl Wants comes on. I'll give She's the Man a B–.

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