Sunday, June 04, 2006

Just Another Perfect Day

It's hard to tell which song to quote: Randy Newman's "I Love L.A." or the Riviera's "California Sun," but since I used one for the headline of this post, I'll say now that I'm out here a-havin' fun in the warm California sun. Spent yesterday with Rebecca. Met up with Jake (formerly Howie) at Basix in West Hollywood for brunch, ate delicious pancakes, etc. Then we headed over to Venice for a couple hours, walked the canals, saw the houses (no two the same), took many pictures (again, the above is not one of mine), hung out on the beach, got wet in the Pacific Ocean, took more pictures. Then at night we went to Royce Hall at UCLA for a silent film gala screening Harold Lloyd's Safety Last! with live accompaniment by the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra. And then, somehow, Rebecca navigated me from her place in Hollywood back to the 134 through all kinds of side roads and whatnot, and on a Saturday night too. Very impressive. All told, having a very good time. I'm totally relaxed and very happy I decided to get away. Really needed the vacation.



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