Sunday, January 13, 2008

Trying Some New Places

I guess I'd like to make a belated New Year's Resolution: to try new things. And specifically, new restaurants and new foods. Already this year I've been to two new restaurants. Well, not new, per se, but they're new to me. Today I went with Sarah, Amy and Sherri to Victoria's Diner. Way out of nowhere location aside, this was a real nice surprise of a brunch place. The interior is much nicer than the exterior would lead one to believe, and the food was real tasty. I had the Nutella Smothered French Toast. It's not quite what the menu promises, but yummmmm. Three slices of french toast covered in Nutella, with strawberries (which I didn't eat). I highly recommend it, and hope to go back and have this again soon.

Last week after the movie, Nina and I decided to have dinner at Stephanie's on Newbury, a place that amazingly, I had never been to before. The Mac 'n' Cheese wasn't as good as the stuff at, say, Silvertone, but it was good and worth going back for. And it's nice to go somewhere nicer and know there's something on the menu I can eat. I was also impressed with how big the place was. I mean, not that it looks small from the outside, but I didn't realize it was so deep inside.

Alright, fine. I know what you're saying: You went to two new places and you had food you knew you already liked. True. But it's still good to broaden my horizons beyond the normal places I go. And I hope to do more of that as 2008 continues.

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