Monday, June 23, 2008

Still My Favorite, Week After Week

Entertainment Weekly is out this week with its 1,000th issue. It's a double issue, so it's really the 999th and 1,000th, but the point is, EW has put out that many issues. And what I think is pretty cool is that I've read every single one of them just about cover to cover. Until last year, I didn't read many books, but I certainly did read magazines, and since its first issue in 1990, EW has been my bible. I'm a real geek when it comes to this pub. It's the first magazine I read every week when I'm commuting to work. Actually, I wouldn't say I read EW — it's more like I devour it. Often I can't wait to see it in my mailbox at home, so I'll stop off at Barnes & Noble on Friday night to see what's on the cover and skim through the latest issue. I take offense when EW doesn't like a movie or CD I love, and give a small cheer when our tastes are in synch. EW has given me great pleasures, like Michael Slezak's "Idolatry" series and Josh Wolk's Cabin Pressure. I get a little sad when there's a double issue and I know another one won't arrive for two weeks. At one point, I owned every single issue of this magazine — that was in 2000 or so, so there were plenty (and those boxes were heavy). I still own EW issue number one, with k.d. lang and Nena Cherry on the cover (it's right there on my bookshelf), as well as all the year-end recaps since year one. So congrats to my favorite magazine for reaching this impressive milestone. I look forward to reading the next issue. And the one after that. And the one after that. And the one after that ...

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