Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, one of my favorite holidays. Of course it is; what could be bad about a day off from work spent with family, watching football, and eating turkey covered in gravy?

But Thanksgiving is more than that. As the name implies, it's a day to reflect and give thanks for those things that make life special and/or worth living. So with that in mind, here is my annual list (in no particular order) of some of the things I'm thankful for:

* My niece, Abby, who is growing up way too fast but still finds a way to make me smile every time we speak
* My nephews, Marc and Ian, who have a lot of mischief behind their adorable eyes. Can't wait to encourage them once they're able to talk and walk (apologies now to their parents)
* The Nutella-stuffed French toast and Cookie Dough Pancakes at In a Pickle. Yum. Just yum.
* Coworkers and industry colleagues who have become friends — and not just the Facebook kind. I'm a very lucky guy.
* The fact that I was able to see Clarence Clemons perform live with the E Street Band a handful of times before he passed away earlier this year
* People who call this a "blog post" and not a "blog"
* Twitter, which allows me to meet people, build relationships, learn, share, and much more on an almost daily basis — and get free food too
* Argyle
* Content
* Interviews with George Clooney, such as the one in the November 24 issue of Rolling Stone
* The counter at Johnny's Luncheonette, at which I eat many meals on (too many) nights when I just don't feel like cooking
* Full-zip hoodies from Roots Canada
* My couch, which is so comfortable that many nights I find myself sleeping on it instead of my bed
* The TV show Happy Endings, which is funnier and more surprising than I ever thought it'd be
* My mojo. Welcome back!
* Great movies like Moneyball and Martha Marcy May Marlene
* Cupcakes from Crumbs — especially the Half Baked
* And of course, all of you out there, whether you're seeing this on the blog itself or on Facebook. I really appreciate that more than six years after I started writing here, people are still interested in reading what I have to say.

What are you thankful for this year? I would love to hear your thoughts. Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving!



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