Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lucky Man

The truth is, life is pretty good for me these days. I've got two young nephews and a niece who just turned 3 years old. I've been busy, I'm happy, and the weather is turning nicer. Oh, and last week at this time I was in Captiva Island, Florida, on another trip for work. Already this year I've been to Las Vegas and Key Biscayne for conferences. And this was the second time I've been to Captiva for this particular conference.

If you want to know what I learned at the conference in Captiva, then go check out my work blog. What I want to say here is that the trip reminded me of just how lucky I am ... to have a job I like, in an industry with such great people that I really enjoy spending time with ... smart people who are also very funny, who have tremendous passion for what they do, and who genuinely care about their customers and doing right by them. It's an industry that's fascinating and interesting, and on the cusp of technology and communication trends. All that, sure. But as I sat working by the pool, enjoying the sunny, 90-degree weather, and as I rode on a gorgeous sunset cruise ... as I posed for pictures with my colleagues, and as I made plans to see some of them again soon, I felt lucky that I have a job that affords me the opportunity to go on trips like these, with such fun people, where I can represent my employer and be productive, and also enjoy myself. It was a great trip. Perfect weather, engaging and provocative conference sessions, really nice accommodations, good food, great people, and well worth my time. No complaints from me, other than the fact that I had to go home after three days.

When things get a bit stressful or annoying, I just need to look back on my trip to Captiva and remind myself that yes, I'm a pretty lucky guy.



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