Sunday, January 13, 2008

No Swing Is a Real Miss

I'm really missing baseball these days. I miss coming home from work and knowing there's a game on (especially with there being not much else good on TV anymore). I miss reading about the Sox in the Globe every day. I miss making fun of Dice-K. I miss Papi and Mike Lowell and all the boys, whether it's news about them or just their smiling, happy faces in the newspaper every morning. I miss the whole thing. It's not like there's a void in the Boston sports world or anything, and football's exciting, but those games only happen on Sundays (or Saturday nights), and basketball and hockey do nothing for me. Baseball's something you can count on, for at least eight months of the year. From March to October there's a baseball game on most every night of the week. This gap between the seasons is just too long, especially with there being no significant trade or contract talks going on lately (even a possible Santana deal isn't all that buzzworthy right now). Jeez, pitchers and catchers report to Fort Myers in about a month, and I'm already antsy. Bring it on!



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