Monday, November 17, 2008

Revenge Served Cold

What is there to say about the new James Bond film, Quantum of Solace? To get right to the point, it's just not as good as Casino Royale, mostly because it's not as character-driven or fun, and it spends too much time on forgettable action. There's no scene in the new flick as exciting or cool as the construction site chase in Casino, for example. But that said, Quantum is not a bad movie. It's just disposable. Daniel Craig still projects icy cool, and he still makes a very good action hero when given the chance. And, well, Olga Kurylenko makes for a hot Bond girl — especially in the black dress that she's wearing in the movie poster. (But I don't agree with Maxim that she's the hottest ever. In recent memory, I'd still vote for Halle Berry.) And it's always good to see Jeffrey Wright, who is great in every movie he's in. Here he's paired with David Harbour, an old high school chum of mine who is also in the upcoming Revolutionary Road. (Though poor Dave. He's been saddled with an awful mustache, and some not all that great dialogue. He also doesn't get to kick any ass.) Don't rush out to see this one, folks. Wait till the next Bond, which I'm guessing will be much better. Quantum gets an unfortunate C+ from me.



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