Monday, February 23, 2009

Slanket Sadness

Life's been so good lately that I knew eventually I'd have a setback. I just never expected it would come from my niece, Abby.

You see, when I got a Slanket, I thought to myself, "Abby will love being cuddled up in this thing!" I mean, it's so soft and comfy. What nine-month-old baby wouldn't love being wrapped up in it? So when I went home to New York this past weekend, I brought the Slanket with me to test out my theory. Well, suffice it to say, the kid didn't like it. I got the Slanket on, laid down on the couch, and took Abby in my arms. And what did she do? She got fidgety and antsy. And then she cried until she was picked up. The first time we tried it, we chalked it up to Abby being tired. (Which, I know, doesn't make much sense. After all, I've fallen asleep wearing it.) But after her nap, things didn't change. She was just as unhappy. It practically broke my heart.

So ... while the kid and I are real tight otherwise (and we really are), on this we have to agree to disagree. Maybe when she gets older, Abby will come to appreciate the wonder and magic that is the Slanket. As her uncle, I think it's my responsibility to teach her this important lesson.

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