Saturday, June 13, 2009

Chocolate Goodness

There's a certain freedom that comes from knowing that as much as I may want to lose weight, it's more fun to not even try. So that's why when I saw on the Travel Channel or the Food Network or some other channel earlier this year that there was a Chocolate Bar at the Langham Hotel here in Boston, I knew I'd get there sooner or later. Thankfully, Nina felt the same way I did, so we went with her husband today to celebrate my birthday, his birthday, and their anniversary in gluttonous style.

I won't go into great detail about how much I ate, but let's just say I had my fill. The mini whoopie pies were delicious, as was the chocolate croissant bread pudding, marshmallow crunch cup, flourless chocolate cake, s'mores cup ... actually, it was all delicious. Yes, it's true: I had a chocolate crepe stuffed with M&Ms, white chocolate, and Oreo pieces. Yes, I called cotton candy (sprinkled with cocoa powder) a "palate cleanser." Yes, there was a chocolate fountain. No, I did not make my own chocolate bar. And no, I did not eat everything I took on my plate the three times I went up to the buffet; after a while, I was getting stuffed just looking at it. But I feel like I certainly got my money's worth (the whole thing costs a rather high $38 per person).

Clearly, buffets are my weakness. But damn ... how tasty and fun it is to indulge once in a while.

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