Thursday, July 31, 2008

Let the Eagle's Soar

One thing about having a blog — a public outlet for writing whatever I want to — is that you never know who's going to be reading what I write. A couple weeks ago, I wrote about my bad experiences at the food places in Cleveland Circle. Well, and both picked it up, and soon all kinds of people were telling me how wrong I was. How could I judge pizza places without actually having the pizza, one person asked. Why didn't I just go to this place or that place, other people asked. And thankfully, some other people did agree with me.

Anyway, on Sunday, I got an email from Sean, the owner of Eagle's Deli. Maybe you saw what he sent me; he also posted his reply on my blog and over at Basically, Sean wanted me to give Eagle's a second chance, and to encourage me to do so, he offered me a $20 gift card. I'm no dummy, so Tuesday night on the way home from work I stopped in, picked up my card, and had a cheeseburger on the house. How was it? Well, it was there. I'll leave it at that, basically because it's partly my fault: the hour was late, the place was closing, and I just wanted something quick.

My point is, I appreciated the gesture. Sure, I can use this blog to vent and criticize and make fun, but I can also use it to give credit where credit is due. I may not love the food at Eagle's (or any of the local places in Cleveland Circle, for that matter), but good customer service is good customer service. I still have about $14 left on my card and I expect to use it to try other things. And hopefully I'll get there at a better hour, too, so I can actually have something substantial (like a King Kong or Godzilla burger). Not that I'm saying Sean can pay me off or anything so I'll write something positive about his place, but I do respect him for standing up for Eagle's — and for doing it so nicely — so I'm happy to prove him right. Maybe one of these times I'll actually find something I like there.

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