Wednesday, November 19, 2008


On the way home from work last night, I finally started reading Esquire's November issue, which — aside from being the Halle Berry as Sexiest Woman Alive issue — was the Endorsement issue. And it got me thinking about what I endorse. Here's a very simple one: When the T goes express, particularly outbound. Sure, I like my commute, mostly because I get a lot of reading time in and I always get a seat in the morning (going home, not so much). But who doesn't like a shorter T ride, right?

To be more specific, going express inbound — from Packards Corner to B.U. Central, for example — is good, especially when you're on a crowded train. But consider the destination. I'm not really in that much of a rush to get to work. On the other hand, when you're on an outbound train, and the driver comes on the PA to announce that you'll be going express from Washington Street all the way out to Boston College — well, that's just a great thing. It's like the driver knows you've had a rough day and you're eager for some peace and quiet, a good dinner, and some good TV. All the riff raff gets off the train (grumbling, usually) and it's like the whole vehicle is all mine (or close to all mine). I can grab a seat, or stretch out on a couple seats. And then it's like the driver has hit the warp speed button so he/she can get me home likkity-split, and we get to the end of the line in no time. So yeah, that's what I endorse: an express ride home on the T.



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