Monday, March 02, 2009

Il Ya Un Problem?

Forget that this video is entirely en Francais. Just watch Emma Thompson cringe and then rush on stage — in the middle of an awards ceremony!! — to try and help the totally clueless and very nervous French actress Julie Ferrier with her dress. Sean Penn looks amused too, and there's certainly a nervous, um, tittering coming from the audience. I don't have a clue what this woman is talking about (I don't think she knows either), but this is pretty classic blooper-reel stuff. I tell you, if the Oscars this year were anything like this, I might have enjoyed them more.

(Thanks to Jeff Wells for, ahem, the tip.)

UPDATE 3/3/09: Well, doesn't this just spoil some of the fun. Apparently, the whole thing was an act. So says Roger Ebert, anyway. I guess this actress Julie Ferrier is a famous comedienne in France and she was playing an airhead starlet. Whatever. I still think this is a funny clip, mostly because Emma Thompson appears not to have known the whole thing was a joke, and her reaction is still priceless.


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