Sunday, June 18, 2006

Just an Urban Legend?

Apparently, a lot of you out there like cupcakes ... in all their varied forms. My recent post about the new Johnny Cupcakes store has had the most hits of any posting I've written (at least it seems that way), thanks largely to, and one guy has even posted about my posting, albeit with a false reasoning (i.e.: he overlooks the fact that Newbury Comics actually sells comic books, but Johnny Cupcakes does not sell cupcakes). And people are still commenting on my site about Johnny Cupcakes even though the posting is three weeks old. In fact, in more than one place I've read that on weekends, Johnny's mother gives out homemade cupcakes with any purchase.

So, because I'm not entirely a bad person, I've been back to Johnny Cupcakes twice now on weekends. And wouldn't you know it, both times there were no cupcakes. And no one I know has had a cupcake from Johnny Cupcakes. It's kind of like the stories I've heard from people who live in Los Angeles: it's illegal to jaywalk there, and no one I know has ever gotten a ticket for it, but they have all heard of someone getting one. So I ask: Do these free cupcakes actually exist? And if so, why don't they exist when I'm in the store? Does this mean Johnny is tracking me, and does he know when I come by? It he hiding them when I am in the neighborhood? And also, is he reading my blog, and enjoying the publicity? I have nothing against the guy. I just want a cupcake. Is that so wrong?



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