Monday, September 04, 2006

I Can See Clearly Now ...

... the rain is gone. Sunday sucked. Simply said. Were it not for the great U.S. Open matches, the day would have been a total waste for me.

... because I picked up my new glasses on Saturday. They're rimless and more stylish than my old pair. And, they're a better, more up-to-date prescription (which always helps). Still, I'm not convinced I want to keep them. The titanium is just too light, the frames feel too loose, they look funny, and it's been a weird adjustment. Thankfully, LensCrafters' 30-day guarantee gives me that flexibility. So I'm keeping my eyes open. Pun intended.

... that school's back in session. Yes, it takes longer to drive down Comm. Ave and the city's just generally more crowded. But most importantly, shopping at Shaw's is no longer a pleasure. (I mean, not including the eye candy, which is great and back in abundance.) You may know that I take a small degree of pride in my ability to get through the self-checkout lane quickly, and these newbies do nothing but hold me up and make all the lines longer. Avoid 4–6p.m. at all costs.

... that some people just suck. I needed an activity today, so I ventured up north to Jordan's in Reading to check out (but not take advantage of) the trapeze lessons (and have a hamburger at Fuddruckers), and then I went to the Burlington Mall. Well, what must have been a half hour later, I still hadn't found a parking spot at the mall (yes, I was being really patient) and I decided to just go home. So a giant F.U. to the two people who literally stole my spots. One was right behind me and wouldn't back up so I could get the spot I had been waiting for because she wanted it, and another pulled out in front of me and grabbed a spot that had become available and that I was clearly entitled to. Not sure I've cursed that much in a long time. (That is, until someone in my building removed my clothes from the washers within five minutes of it being done. WTF? People can't give a person a five minute grace period?) ARRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!



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